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5V DC Adapter for Trigger?

Cooler Master Global Support
posted this on May 13, 2013 03:19 PM

First to clarify the DC adpater is not required by the keyboard but is optional for users who wish to use USB plug and play devices greater than 100mW (miliwatt) on the Trigger USB hub. In addition, when using the DC adapter there will be an additional 2 lighting levels for the LED backlight.


Without the DC adapter the only devices that are compatible are:

  • USB Flash Drives
  • Mice
  • USB Card Readers
  • Bluetooth Dongles


The following is the specifications for the 5V DC adapter:

Voltage: 5V DC minimum 1A

ID (inner diameter): 1.10mm +/- 0.05mm

OD (outer diameter): 3.50 mm +/- 0.15mm


Using an incorrect adapter may result in damage to the keyboard which will not be covered under the warranty policy. We recommend that you consult a specialist to make sure you buy a correct adpater with the listed specifications.

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